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To compete, organizations are re-designing their environments from the inside-out.  The new design is replacing ridged processes once central to operations, with flexible processes focused on the true heart of successful's people.

Research shows 89% of leaders believe building an organization of the future is important, yet, only 11% know how.


As the leader of People Teams, I've successfully helped build modern organizations.  I can show you how.  

Strategic HR consulting

I like coffee; you like coffee. 


Let's grab a cup and discuss how I can help your organization leverage the greatness of your people to achieve the results you want.  

(I'll even buy you a biscotti)



It's about connection, not compliance.


I'll tell you why focusing on employee experience matters and help you create a "culture of connection"necessary for success.




The one key factor to driving engagement? Trusted leaders. 

The best people strategies mean little if they aren't understood, implemented or modeled by leaders.  Training is crucial.  Read more about how I can help.   

Why Choose Me

why Dawn Burke HR?

I believe in jobs that fulfill a sense of purpose.  I believe in organizations who value purpose.  I believe the combination results in optimal performance.  I can show you how be that organization. 


My mission is to help organizations, HR departments, and leaders create purposeful and profitable environments worth investing time and talent in. 


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