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To compete, organizations are re-designing their environments from the inside-out.  The new design is replacing ridged processes once central to operations, with flexible processes focused on the true heart of successful's people.

Research shows 89% of leaders believe building an organization of the future is important, yet, only 11% know how.


As the leader of People Teams, I've successfully helped build modern organizations.  I can show you how.  

HOw Dawn Burke HR Can Help .
Is yOur dream becOming YOur headache?


You are a smart leader.

You know the success of your company relies on the success of your

team members.


 But building an environment that prioritizes employee success is easier said than done.  

You know what you need, but how do you start?

What programs will impact your organization the most? 

How will you gain CEO or Board buy-in?


The million dollar questioN:

 How can my team execute strategies and keep all current plates spinning too?


The million dollar Answer:

You need help from outside experts who will help you win.
Experts who will lay the strategic groundwork for you so you can execute your people strategies quickly. 
Experts who can do the heavy-lifting so you can do what you do best - run your business!

My Services
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Dawn Burke Can Help yOu execute.


Dawn Burke is an expert in creating modern people strategies for 21st century companies. Her unique combination as a People Team Executive, Strategic Consultant, Executive Coach, and Training Facilitator provides clients the real-life experience needed to create practical strategies - strategies that can actually be executed.


Dawn has helped a variety of organizations including both SMBs and enterprise clients in industries such as technology, architecture, retail, advertising, and healthcare. Whether conducting strategic planning sessions, facilitating training programs, assessing your recruiting function, partnering on culture and engagement programs, providing performance management consulting, or coaching executives on habit change and goal achievement - Dawn can help your team execute and your company thrive.

Strategic HR consulting

I like coffee; you like coffee. 


Let's grab a cup and discuss how I can help your organization leverage the greatness of your people to achieve the results you want.  

(I'll even buy you a biscotti)

If you are interested in assessing, creating, or improving your People strategies and initiatives, Dawn Burke HR can help.

Some Offerings include

Strategic People Consulting, Recruiting and Retention Diagnostics, Performance Management Strategy, Workplace Culture and Engagement Initiatives amongst others. 


Self-reflection opens up new paths to success. 

Utilizing the principles of positive psychology, Dawn's helps determine goals, identify natural strengths to leverage, and unpack obstacles impacting personal and professional success. In addition, she  partners with her clients to create accountability plans that work. 




The one key factor to driving engagement? Trusted leaders. 

The best people strategies mean little if they aren't understood, implemented or modeled by leaders. Training is crucial.  


If you are an organization looking to invest in your leaders or strengthen your leadership bench, Dawn Burke can help.


Her training is designed to let your managers have fun while they learn a better way to manage the people who report to them.


The materials feature ways to keep attendees engaged and incorporates "real-world" exercises participants can easily absorb. 

Why Choose Me
"I believe the work we chose is a huge factor in living our lives with purpose.  
I believe organizations intentionally built on a purpose-based foundation have the power to impact lives.  
I believe the combination of the two results in optimal performance. I can show you how be that organization. 


My mission is to help organizations, HR departments, and leaders create purposeful and profitable environments worth investing time and talent in."

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