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Culture Assessment


All companies need a competitive advantage to win.

Your culture is that competitive advantage.


When you understand your unique corporate culture you understand your unique brand.  And that is the best competitive intel you’ll ever get.

here's how we can help

What is culture?:

Culture, simply defined, is “the way things work around here”.


 Culture experts, WorkXO, more broadly define it as,"The collection of words, actions, thoughts, and artifacts that clarify and reinforce what is truly valued in a organization."

And what is truly valued, is often not the values written on your wall in the mailroom. It's what's modeled and rewarded by your leaders.

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How does culture impact strategy?

The great Peter Drucker was attributed to saying “culture eats strategy for breakfast”.   Quite an attention grabber don’t you think? So which comes first culture or strategy?


The truth is culture and strategy are twin sisters. Both are unique in their own way, both simultaneously effect the other, and both are equally relevant in getting business results.  


Yet, although leaders understand their strategy (definition), ______ percent of leaders have indicated understanding and implementing culture is still difficult. The ones that do typically see a 21% increase in _________ (Gallup, 2017).

(Click here to read more on strategy vs culture)

Every one of your employees knows the culture.  Do you? 

Whether you address culture or not, every company has one.  One your employees are sharing to friends, customers and potential candidates on social media. 


Leaders often learn, too late, the culture they believe they have is not the culture they actually have.  Nor is it one that propels success or ____ with strategy. 


You can't address what you don't acknowledge. 

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So what?!

Bottom line, knowing your unique cultural identity is great for your business.  When you know your true cultural identity, you have better chances of:


  • understanding if the unique behaviors within your organization are helping or hindering your strategic success.

  • understanding your companies “true brand”; the brand your customers experience.

  • attracting more highly-engaged employees who will like “the way things work”.

  • your leaders modeling the right behaviors to achieve success.

  • mitigating regrettable turnover.

Do you know what is truly valued in your organization?

Here's how Dawn Burke HR can Help.

Gather Employee Feedback

Using survey tools from culture experts, WorkXO, we'll ID your unique culture markers, quickly. 

Deliver Results

Results will be delivered to you via WorkXO's software platform. You'll feel like your company's getting a present!

Get Started

What good is your data if you don't do something with it?  Together we'll analyze what's truly valued and create a simplified plan for  leaders to model & implement.

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