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"culture eats strategy

for breakfast"


--attributed to Peter Drucker--


Culture Assessment

So what is culture? 

It's strategy's big sister.  Culture shares with its younger sibling, Strategy, the way things really work around the household; what is truly valued by her parents. Once little sis, Strategy, understands the way things really work and what is truly valued, she can leverage that information and have big success with mom and pop.  

Culture and Strategy make a great team. 

>>ENTER STAT HERE/ Walk v Run/ you have one every if you don't think so. <<


Culture, as defined by culture experts, WorkXO, is,"The collection of words, actions, thoughts, and artifacts that clarify and reinforce what is truly valued in a organization." 

And what is truly valued, is often not the values written on your wall in the mailroom. It's what's modeled and rewarded by your leaders.

Do you know what is truly valued in your organization?

Here's how Dawn Burke HR can Help.

Gather Employee Feedback

Using survey tools from culture experts, WorkXO, we'll ID your unique culture markers, quickly. 

Deliver Results

Results will be delivered to you via WorkXO's software platform. You'll feel like your company's getting a present!

Get Started

What good is your data if you don't do something with it?  Together we'll analyze what's truly valued and create a simplified plan for  leaders to model & implement.

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